Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hi all,
To help communications I am going to trial putting the text of our newsletter on to this blog as well as linking it to the newsletter page (and of course the 'old fashioned' paper version.)
So here it is......

To all Parents and Caregivers,
What a busy exciting and amazing time we have all had over the past few weeks!  It is great to see  everyone back and settled, and as always a very special ‘Waltham          Welcome’ goes out to the new families and students that have come to join us recently.  It has been an absolute pleasure to meet and enrol many new families over the past few weeks.
School House System
As you may know we divide our school in to 4 ‘Houses’ and use this system to promote fun, healthy competition, leadership and positive reinforcement. Our ‘Houses’ are named after prominent historical figures from our past school community. In the following newsletters I will share with you a little about these people.



Named after Mr Adams, who became a    teacher at this school in 1892 shortly after it first opened.   He was later headmaster and did a good deal of work round the Waltham  District.
 Before his death in 1959 he donated  English prizes each year to those with the highest marks in this subject.


Many Year 5-8 Students are now involved in  Friday sports. We have Football, Rugby and Netball teams travelling by bus to this competition.
Games  are held in  South Hagley Park and all start at 1:15pm
Please feel free to come and support your child’s team. Parking is very limited around the park  so be prepared for a bit of a walk. The office has a copy of the game location map so please feel free to come in and ask for a copy. Alternatively please feel free to ring on Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning and we can direct you to where the teams are playing. On occasion  games may be postponed or teams may have a bye so if in doubt please ring to check first.


Congratulations to the following children who have earned a Community Time
Certificates this week  were...

Room 1: Team Library:
Gemma Kostic Benjamin Hose
Tevah Shivnan Alyssa Del Rosario

Room 3: Room 4:
Tokemoana Lamipeti Mana Ruri
Isaac Crockett Cayleigh Darbyshire

 Life Education
This week we had a fantastic visit from the Life Education Trailer.  Sarah, their Educator did a great job of co-ordinating the lessons for each age group. There were a range of topics covered and the children gained a great deal from their sessions. It’s  always good fun to meet ‘Harold the Giraffe’ too!!!!
Parent Group
For a while now we have been offering a ‘coffee and chat’ session based out of our old dental clinic on a Tuesday afternoon around pick up time. Springing from that we have a keen group of parents keen to support the school and each other. Already they have initiated ‘Warm Lunch Fridays’, have a walking group starting and there are lots of other great ideas. Whether  you are keen to be involved in particular activities or just want to meet new people and have a hot drink, you are all very welcome.
We will be putting a new notice board in the foyer of the ‘Connections Room’ (old dental clinic’) next week where notices and news will be posted. We will be leaving the door to the foyer open so you can access this at any time when school is open. (Please just bare in mind that while the foyer will be open for you to access, the main meeting room is a space that is used for a number of school meetings during the week.)
 In addition to this Parents Notice Board we will also be setting aside a spot in our regular newsletter for Parent Group News.

House  and Playground Awards
This weeks overall winning house is Oliver.
Room 4 was our Playground Star Class of the

Community Notices
Smiling Tigers Boxing Club Inc.
WHERE: Cashmere Club
WHEN: 6pm 20th June 2015
ENTRANCE FEE: Adults $15.00
Contact MARK FULLER  - 027 567 7116
FUNDRAISER—on behalf of Mikayla Vince-Tait Terminally Ill Grandfather
Home Made Cheese Rolls—
$6 Dozen
Phone or txt to order  027 9040309
With Name, Address, Phone number and order qtys.

School Upgrade
You may well have heard me, or your children speak about our upcoming building projects. Over the next few weeks we will be having some after school meetings to share with you some of our ideas and get your thoughts and suggestions. Teachers are also keen to share with you some great ways they are working together to improve children’s learning. Keep an eye out for a notice coming home about these sessions next week.
On behalf of all the Team here at Waltham School I wish you all the very best for a safe and happy weekend.
Gordon Caddie

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Some reminders

Just a couple of quick reminders....

Senior Sports Teams: If your child has brought home a notice saying they are in a Winter Sports Team then most teams start this Friday at various parts of Hagley Park. Teams sometimes have byes and last minute changes so if you are keen to pop down for a look then my advice is to give the office a call and double check the team is playing and exactly where.
Rugby players require a mouth guard and we are  not allowed to let them play without one. They are about $5-$6 at the Warehouse or a little more at any pharmacy or sports shop. Soccer (football) players need shin guards to be able to play.  Boots and shorts are also great but children are able to play with normal shoes/ shorts if necessary.
Good luck to all our teams for a great season ahead.

Warm Lunch Fridays: Thanks to our amazing parent support children are able to bring lunch items for heating on Fridays over the Winter. Anything that needs to go in the oven, toastie machine or microwave is fine. It is a great help if anything going in the oven is wrapped in tinfoil at home first.

Hope your week is going well,


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Updating Events and news.

Welcome to a new and exciting week at Waltham School.

This week is our first Friday Winter Sport Game for our Senior Teams. We are continuing our tradition of taking our senior rep. teams down to Hagley Park on Friday afternoons to compete against other schools. It's always a great opportunity to extend our skills, competitiveness, team work and fair play.  Good luck to all of our teams for their first games.

Life Education.

Next week (Mon-Wed) Life Education and Harold the Giraffe will be here working with all of our classes assisting with teaching of various Health related topics. Our visits from the Life Education Team are always a hit with the children and we look forward to our sessions next week.

Have a super start to your week.