Thursday, 29 May 2014

Friday 30th May

Looking forward to our Disco tonight.

Please remember that there are no door sales.

 Children stay in the hall until they are picked up by an adult.

All children must be picked up by 8pm.

Final reminder that school re-opens next Wednesday after the long weekend due to our cluster schools staff training day on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Long Weekend Coming Up

Just another reminder so no one gets caught out....

It's Queen's Birthday this weekend and Monday is a Public Holiday. Tuesday school is also closed with many local primary schools joining together for a training day. The After School Programme (WOOSH) have also advised us that they will be closed on Tuesday as well.
Once again I apologise for inconvenience to working families that this closure causes. We are very aware of this, and that is the reason that despite many schools having regular teacher only days this is our first one during term time for many years.

Kind Regards

Gordon Caddie

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

School reminders

A warm greeting to all families from the team at Waltham School.  Here are a couple of reminders…

House Colours Day

This Friday 23rd we are having a mufti day and encouraging all children to dress up in their House Colours. (Green, Red, Yellow or Blue). There is no charge for this as it is not a fundraiser, it’s just for  fun.

Winter Sport

Many of our seniors are in teams that will travel to Hagley Park on Friday afternoons. Due to wet grounds the council is now hoping this will start NEXT week.

Local Teacher Only Day

Please keep in mind that Waltham School and WOOSH are closed on Tuesday 3rd June which is the day after Queen’s Birthday (making it a 4 day weekend for students).  Teachers are having a training day at Beckenham School with several other schools in the area.

Next Friday 30th  is our school disco to raise money for Room 7’s dancing costumes. This is a whole school disco from 6pm-8pm next  Friday evening in the Hall. It will be strictly supervised by school staff and parents are welcome to join in. Only children need tickets ($5 from the office) but for security reasons there are no door sales on the night so please be in and buy tickets as soon as you can.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Teacher Only Day / School Closure Coming Up on June 3rd.

Hi all,

It has been advertised for a long time now in school newsletters etc that  Waltham School will be closed for a staff training day on Tuesday 3rd June. There will be no school for students on Tuesday 3rd of June.

The reason we are having  this day is to join with the teachers at several other local schools to learn more about modern learning and to ensure the students at Waltham School  receive the very best teaching possible in New Zealand.

We understand that closing the school is a disruption and inconvenience to working families. That is the reason that while most other schools have 'Teacher Only Days' regularly, this will be the first one we have called in many years.

We have made it the 3rd June to follow on from Queen's Birthday on Monday, making it a four day weekend for children.

WOOSH (Before/After School Programme) have informed us that they will also be closed for this day.

Thank you for your understanding. I know it is disruptive but it is a rare and valuable opportunity to work with other local schools. I assure you that our staff will be working extremely hard on 3rd June to learn about all the latest developments in teaching and learning so that our children get the very best education possible in the modern world.


Sunday, 4 May 2014


A warm welcome to everyone as we embark on Term 2 of the year. A huge welcome to our newest families and children. Our roll continues to grow and we are extremely fortunate to be welcoming so many wonderful new families in to our school community.

Before we look ahead to this term could I take this chance to thank you once again for the tremendous support you showed for our 'Walk-a-thon / Fun Run' at the end of last term. So far we have raised over $3,500 which is amazing. We will be doing some more spot prize draws on Friday for those students who have returned their donations, so please can we have all money in by the end of the week.

This Term

I will publish a Term Events list this week to let you know key dates and events.

 In the meantime please note that primary schools on our cluster are having a combined training day on Tuesday 3rd June. There will be no school for students on that day. (Monday is Queen's Birthday making it a 4 day weekend for the children.)

Please keep an eye out for our newsletter and term events later this week.

A warm reminder to everyone that we have a very 'open-door' policy at Waltham School. It is always great to see you pop in for a chat anytime.

Have a great term,