Thursday, 20 June 2013

Latest Update!!!!!!!!!!


We are now closed due to snow and road conditions
We have a small group of students still being supervised at school until parents can pick them up. If you have a child still at school please contact us as soon as possible on 379 3137 or 027 3793137


We highly recommend children stay at home today but school is officially open if you need us.

This will be updated if things change.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


School will be open this morning and we will review things if required during the day.

School for Thursday???????

Unless there is snow overnight and Police advise us all to stay off the roads Waltham School will remain open for children who can safely get to school tomorrow (Thursday). Safety of individuals is paramount though so Parents, if you feel it is dangerous to travel with your kids to school then please stay home even if school is officially still open. 

I will update this information around 6:00am if there is snow in the air or sooner if at any stage an official closure is necessary.

Keep safe and warm tonight!

Gordon Caddie

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tuesday 18th

Good morning All,

We have no flooding issues at school and the day ahead looks great.

School is open as normal today.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Monday 17th

Hi all.

It is a very wet start to the week and snow is in the forecast too!

A reminder that school is always open unless the Police advise the community to stay home (usually due to snow) or if there is a large risk students might be stranded at school and not be able to get home.

It is very important children attend school unless there is such a warning in place or if there is a genuine family emergency. If this is the case you must ring us on 379 3137 or text 027 3793137. 

If you are in doubt about the school's status then this blog is the very best place to come to check if there are any special instructions around the school being open.

Basketball is cancelled tonight due to leaks at Pioneer Stadium.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Wednesday 12th

Good morning all!

Meeting Reports

Yesterday was a real day of meetings for me. Below are a few things that may be of  interest to you.

Ministry of Education Property Cluster Meeting

As part of the Ministry of Education Greater Christchurch Renewal Programme following the Earthquakes all schools have been divided in to groups or 'clusters'. The vision is that we will work together in our new clusters to improve the educational outcomes for all of the students. The big advantage in a 'cluster' model is that schools can work together, share ideas, share resources and share expertise to help each other achieve our goals. The cluster approach is not a new idea, in fact our school has been involved, and still is involved in several extremely successful clusters over the past ten years.
Property development in schools are going to be delivered through these new geographical clusters over the coming years. This will mean decisions about what building happens in schools, what new property projects are undertaken etc will be made by the Ministry of Education based on our group plan and  not our individual school plan as was the case in the past.
These changes are large and the new approach has many potential benefits and disadvantages.
At the meeting Jeff (our BOT Chairperson) and I attended last night we heard from the Ministry that our 'Opawaho Cluster' has been chosen as one of the first clusters to advance towards the stage where new projects will actually be able to happen. This is great news for our school and our area as many parts of the city will have to wait a lot longer before money is invested in the property and buildings of their schools.
I will keep you posted of new and exciting plans that will improve our school and community learning environments in the near future.

Board of Trustees

Last night was the first meeting of our 'new' Board of Trustees following the recent election process. The only 'new' face on our team is Rochelle Atherton our new 'Staff Representative'. A warm welcome to Rochelle and we look forward to working alongside her in the future. Other members of our board are Jeff Moreton (Chairperson), Heather Blaikie (Deputy Chair/Finance), Tom Dowie (Property) and myself as Principal.
We had a very positive meeting and the new BOT are excited and enthusiastic about their role in helping our school to be the very best that it can be.
If you ever have any questions about BOT issues or school governance please do not hesitate to contact me and I will assist in any way i can.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Monday 10th June

Welcome to another great week ahead.

Well done to all our Sports Teams on another great effort at Hagley Park on Friday. 'Results wise' we were not as successful as the previous week but our effort, sportsmanship and team spirit was right up there once again!!   Awesome effort to you all-The smiling faces on the bus coming home make all the organisation worthwhile.

Good luck to our Basketball team playing at Pioneer Stadium tonight. Today's game starts at 3:30pm.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Friday Sport this Week

Below is the draw for our inter-school teams playing at Hagley Park Friday 7th  (tomorrow)

Rugby v North Brighton Christ College Fields South Hagley Park (near cricket pavilion)

Netball v Opawa B  Court 13 at Hagley Netball Centre

Football v St Pauls Carlton Corner (North Park) field 12

All games start at about 1:30pm.

Friends and supporters are always welcome.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wednesday 5th June

Greetings to you all-It's great to see the Sun out and be able to watch the classes participate in their outdoor fitness games and P.E. this morning.

Our Life Education lessons are underway today. Harold was 'stuck in Kaiapoi' yesterday so we are a day behind schedule but that is no problem at all.

We have quite a large number of students off sick with normal Winter 'bugs'. Please remember to give us a buzz or text if your child needs to be away. This saves Lynda a lot of time following up absences and checking everyone is safe and accounted for.

Room One were our class of the week in the playground. At assembly on Friday they were awarded their prize of a bag of tennis balls and a 'Giant Tennis Ball'. Well done Room One!!!!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Tuesday 4th June

I trust you all had a great long weekend.

It is wet and miserable on the weather side of thing today but NOT inside our classrooms. I have just been for a visit to most rooms and the fun, focused and friendly learning that is going on here makes me feel very warm on the inside. Yes, our classrooms are the 'places to be' today.

A huge "WELL DONE" to our senior sports teams who did us proud on Friday afternoon. They all had a first up win against other schools but that wasn't the part that really made us proud. It was the great spirit and team work they all showed on the field and their 'will to be the best they could be' that was our focus. All teams achieved these aims and we are looking forward to a new challenge this week.

Rugby Team beat Bamford School
Netball Team beat Christchurch East School
Football team beat Isleworth School

Thank you so much to the parents who helped by providing gear and support for the teams and to Mrs Wheeler for doing a lot of work during the week getting uniforms, boots and gear all ready to go.  Our Teams looked fantastic due to her wonderful organisation.


We are pleased to be hosting the Life Education Team (Anna and Harold the Giraffe) this week and next. Each class will visit them twice and participate in fascinating learning programmes focusing on a range of Health Topics.